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Edmund Kennedy Walking Track Edmund Kennedy Walking Track In 1848, the Tropical North's first European explorer Edmund Kennedy landed at Tam O'Shanter Point to begin his ill-fated expedition north to Cape York. Take a walk in his footsteps south of Mission Beach. The full track length is 7.8km (nearly 5 miles) round trip but walkers can turn around and retrace their steps whenever they're tired. The track is narrow and rough in places and there are some sandy stretches and rock hopping along the beach. There is a picnic area at Kennedy Bay (distance 3.9km, 2 hrs). How to get there Park at the boat ramp on the southern end of South Mission Beach. Kennedy Track is one of the longer walks in the Mission Beach area, taking about four hours to complete the eight kilometre return journey. However, most people choose to do shorter sections of the walk such as the 5 kilometre return walk to Tam O'Shanter Point. The first part of the walk is through shady pandanus and eucalypt forest, undulating up and down the coastal hills with beautiful views of the sea, Dunk Island and Tam O'Shanter Point. After a little more than a kilometre there is a set of steps down to the long curved beach of Lugger Bay. Be aware that sometimes this beach and the mangroves beyond can sometimes be flooded by the high tide. After leaving the sandy beach and crossing the creek and mangroves, there is a short climb up Tam O'Shanter Point to a lookout with superb ocean views. If you choose to keep walking, the track winds its way around the rocky point to Kennedy Bay where there are toilet and picnic facilities, ideal for lunch. For the adventurous, there is a rougher track along the coast to the mouth of the Hull River from here - about 4 kilometres return.

Von South Mission Beach führt der Kennedy Track an der Küste der Lugger Bay entlang zur Mündung des Hull Rivers. Ich nutze wieder den Shuttlebus vom Treehouse um zum Ausgangspunkt zu gelangen.

Lugger Bay,

Der nach dem europäischen Endecker Edmund Kennedy benannte Track ist recht abwechslungsreich. Dieser landete 1848 am Tam O'Shanter Point und beganng seine Expedition zur Cape York-Halbinsel. Der Track endet am einsamen Strand der Kennedy Bay.



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